O Shot Treatment in Dubai


Certain outcomes are unavoidable with aging. Most women experience vaginal dryness, urinary incontinence, or a loss of libido as they age. If this is you, we have some exciting news for you! All of that will change after you undergo O shot treatment in Dubai.

Fight these annoying symptoms with a concrete line of treatment – thanks to this advanced vaginal tissue treatment.

Did you know?
75% of women do not have orgasms on a regular basis, and many more suffer from embarrassing conditions such as stress incontinence.

What is O-Shot treatment in Dubai?

PRP (platelet-rich plasma) derived from the patient’s blood is used in this orgasm therapy treatment. Platelets naturally pull your own stem cells to the injected area, resulting in healthier and more functional tissue in sexual response areas of the vagina (Vaginal Wall, Skene’s Gland, G-Spot, O-Spot, and urethra).

Though the shot is inserted into the vagina and clitoris, the procedure is simple and painless. Not to mention, the injection has been widely effective in treating a variety of age-related symptoms.

Conditions treated with O-Shot treatment in Dubai

The O-Shot treatment in Dubai at our center can be used to treat a variety of conditions, including:

Purpose of the O-Shot Treatment

The O-shot treatment in Dubai not only treats vaginal dryness and urinary incontinence, but it also stimulates tissue growth and improves the health of your sexual organs, resulting in a better orgasm

Procedure for O Shot treatment in Dubai

During your session, approximately 6-8 ccs of your blood will be drawn via venipuncture. Venipuncture refers to the medical procedure of withdrawing a blood sample from a vein. Using a centrifuge and FDA-approved tubes, the blood is spun, and the PRP in the blood is enhanced and extracted into a syringe. The first step is thus effectively completed.

The main part of the procedure will involve numbing the vaginal and clitoral regions with numbing cream with local anesthesia before injecting a small amount (1 cc) of the spun PRP into your clitoral glans.

The remaining 5 ccs are then injected under the vaginal skin around the G-spot area. TA significant aspect of this treatment is that it only takes about a minute. If our doctor considers it necessary for your symptoms, you may receive more than one injection. Patients report either no pain or a quick pricking sensation that goes away quickly.

Results of O-Shot treatment

The outcome of the O-shot treatment in Dubai at our center depends on the patient’s starting point. Age, medical conditions, and hormonal issues, for example, can all influence the outcome. The injection is not a magic wand; half of the women may experience immediate and amazing results, while the other half may only notice a significant improvement.

Is the O-Shot treatment painful?

The O-Shot in Dubai at our center is typically painless. The doctor will numb the area with a gentle cream-based numbing agent. Although each patient’s experience is unique, the majority of patients report only minor discomfort. The injection causes a slight pinching or warming sensation. As this is a non-surgical procedure, it requires no recovery time.

How many shots will you need for O-Shot treatment?

Patients can have just one orgasm shot or return for more, which will depend on the previous results. 8 weeks between treatments is generally recommended to ensure that the full effects of the first treatment are felt. However, you can consult with our medical experts about the best timeframe for you.

Can you ditch lubricating substances post O-Shot treatment?

Since the O-Shot increases sensation, women typically achieve greater arousal more quickly. As a result, natural lubrication increases, and many women find that they no longer need lubricating supplements or creams to enjoy sexual activity. The severity of your vaginal dryness prior to the injection may have an impact on the outcome.

Benefits of O Shot in Dubai

Patients have reported a variety of benefits from the O shots in Dubai, including:

Safe O Shot Treatment in Dubai

The Treatment of O-shot  in Dubai at our center is a safe and effective way for women to improve their sexual health. By undergoing the procedure at Healia Medical Center, you can be assured of quality care from experienced professionals who understand how to properly administer this procedure. Our team is also sensitive enough to understand that you may have several queries and concerns before, during, and after the O-shot treatment. They ensure that all of those all cleared off consecutively.

With Healia’s professional staff by your side, you can trust that they will provide an exceptional experience with results that last!

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